Changes around here!


I’ve been putting in a lot of work into Cozy Cat Studio and I have a few changes you guys might want to be aware of!


Support Ticket system ! I want to make you guys happy, I can help you with any problems here.

♥ There’s an FAQ page and Contact for all non-support inquiries.

Monthly Suggestion Pool! – IF you don’t want to use the journal posted on FA to make update suggestions, you may suggest ideas here! I encourage either venue equally.

♥ Chrysalis Template page has been renamed to the Cozy Package 2017 and that will reflect in your payment history should you need to access it for re-downloads etc.

♥ Site updates page, obviously, you’re here so you see that.

♥ Removed the Guest Artist Tryout Form/Page until further notice. Big thank you goes out to anyone who tried out, your interest honors me! I’ll consider re-opening in the future.

♥ Removed the outdated Help Page, replaced with FAQ and Support Ticket System