Spookbeast Template

Candy Corms
Do be warned, there are some fair amounts of gore, goop, tentacles, drool, toothy snarls and generally more menacing items in this pack! So if you’re extra sensitive to any of those things you may want to avoid this set.

Anywho! Something new for the season!~
Super unique base this go around! Took me something like, 40 hours total? Crazy amounts of love went into this.
Caters to the creepier side of character design and include options that can make the character female, male or gender neutral! The term “Spookbeast” is just a place holder of sorts and this not an organized or intentional type of “open” or “closed” species. There items for several different pawed animal species, in fact! But hey, if you like the name, feel free to use it. 🙂

Of course this is perfect for personal use but you may also be used for profit: Taking commissions with it, making and selling your own independent item packs (the base itself excluded!) or adding some extra flair to your character sales.

Comes with PSD and SAI files! ALSO includes the PSD of the colored the ad above, hopefully that can come in handy for those of you interested in learning how I color 🙂


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