What is Cozy Cat Studio?

Cozy Cat Studio is a character creation project founded by one artist. I make templates that help you design characters with ease in a style I believe many people will enjoy. I also often bring in guest artists many of you know and love!

What are you selling?

Cozy Cat Studio files are presented in PSD (Photoshop) and SAI (Paint Tool Sai) file types. You must have a moderate understanding of Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai to use our products.

Is this content made for mobile devices? is this an app?


Bases that get monthly updates?

Because I care very deeply about the satisfaction of my subscribing customers (those that purchase bases advertised to include monthly updates i.e: Chrysalis, Chibi Outfit Maker series etc), I offer free requests every month to further broaden the diversity and availability of character creation options. The most popular requests by Cozy Cat subscribers are usually included, that said, I never limit my updates to only the popular votes.

How do I use these files?

All the hair, ear, tail, arm, leg, body and facial options you see in completed characters and in my ad’s are sorted in layer groups according to their type.

Most of these layers need to be mildly modified (erased) to incorporate them into your design. Layers may be moved, edited, modified and added to to your pleasure!
My personal pen settings for Paint Tool Sai have been added to every zip file so that your own additions and edits may be seamless.

I highly encourage you to infuse your own creativity, Some of the best looking (and consequently best selling!) Cozy Cat character designs were made with their creators own flair added to the lines I provide.

How to I open the file I purchased?

You have to unzip this folder in order to see them. Here is a small tutorial. The file you purchased may be in your Downloads Folder, please check there.

My computer/OS exploded and/or I got locked out of my E-mail and I had to get a new one, where do I redownload my purchased bases?!

Links to your downloads may be found in:
-The e-mail you entered at checkout, an email was sent with a link to your base after purchase.
-Log in and visit: Downloads and Updates your downloads are here.
-Log in and visit: Purchase History (this will be updated to include everything, even if you missed an update)

I think I missed an update, where do get it!

-Log in and visit: Downloads and Updates they will be listed there chronologically, the one closest to the bottom of the page is what you will want as it has all of the previous updates included.
-Log in and visit: Purchase History (this will be updated to include everything, even if you missed an update)
Still having trouble finding the latest update to your base? Submit a support ticket here

When does the next update release?

Because I am striving to provide my customers with quality updates, I do not have a solid date for each months release. All I know is that every month a new update will happen and depending on the surprises I have in store for you, that may be closer to the end of the month. If it I seems like im taking a while, it’s because I am toiling extra hard behind the scenes to give you something lovely.

I have more questions!

And I have more answers, (probably!). IF you find yourself with more questions after reading this, please feel free to submit your inquiries here! (For all existing members that need help with accessing your files or updates, please be sure to log in and submit a support ticket)