Site Updates

  • Site Maintenance DONE August 16, 2017

    SO im here to report, 4 days later :

    We ended up having to move servers in order to get our digital downloads software up and running again, which was no small feat.  Mihari has been so gracious in lending her webmastering skills, I swear we literally couldn’t have a site without her.

    EXISTING USERS YOU MAY NOTICE: Your account needs to be re-verified. But that should be rather streamline. A verification code will be resent to the email you used when you signed up with on any past purchase.

    Im so glad to have been able to finally send out updates, ive been sitting on those for about 5 days now and I was itching to get them to you.

  • Site maintenance August 12, 2017

    Currently experiencing some download issues with the storefront! If you’ve purchased anything recently you may have had some difficulty downloading your content.

    Those of you who purchased the Chibi Outfit Maker 2, Cozy Package 2017, Emotive Set, Complete CozyCat Studio Template Package 2015, or Complete Cozy Template 2014 you can access your downloads via downloads and updates and downloading the file with the most recent timestamp!

    We are hard at work at this! Should be fixed before long!

  • Changes around here! April 10, 2017


    I’ve been putting in a lot of work into Cozy Cat Studio and I have a few changes you guys might want to be aware of!


    Support Ticket system ! I want to make you guys happy, I can help you with any problems here.

    ♥ There’s an FAQ page and Contact for all non-support inquiries.

    Monthly Suggestion Pool! – IF you don’t want to use the journal posted on FA to make update suggestions, you may suggest ideas here! I encourage either venue equally.

    ♥ Chrysalis Template page has been renamed to the Cozy Package 2017 and that will reflect in your payment history should you need to access it for re-downloads etc.

    ♥ Site updates page, obviously, you’re here so you see that.

    ♥ Removed the Guest Artist Tryout Form/Page until further notice. Big thank you goes out to anyone who tried out, your interest honors me! I’ll consider re-opening in the future.

    ♥ Removed the outdated Help Page, replaced with FAQ and Support Ticket System